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Ice Crystal Keycaps Translucent Backlit 117 Keycaps Multicolor Jelly Round Key Caps OEM Profile For Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard

*PLS Note :

This is a keycap, not a keyboard !!!!

The characters (all letters and symbols) on the key cap of this ice crystal jelly are opaque.


This key cap is made of double color injection technology, and the characters are indelible.

It is made of high-quality engineering plastics (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic) , which conforms to the ergonomic step arc design and has smooth lines. The utility model is comfortable in use, which can enable users to gently tap the keyboard in a natural posture during the use process, alleviate the long-term key input fatigue, and prevent and effectively reduce the wrist muscle strain.

【Scope of Application】

It is applicable to mechanical keyboard (Most)(also applicable to Cherry MX Switch game mechanical keyboard).

Compatible with 60/64/68/87/104 key mechanical keyboard.

Compatible with mainstream key shafts in the market include Cherry switches, Gateron switches,Outemu switches, Kailh Box switches and Galt switches.

NOT suit for Corsair


Theme: Ice crystal keycap ( jelly round )

Style: Fashionable/Cute/Simple/Minimalist/Pragmatic

Height: OEM profiles

Quantity: 104 pieces/set. 117 keys in total (13 key caps are auxiliary keys, including ISO large return key((Standard general fund) ))

In particular, this key cap has a smaller 0 key that allows you to view the image on the details page.

Features: universal, ergonomic, backlit, easy to install, characters will not be erased, color will not fade, durable.

Color: white blue/white pink/white/blue/pink/blue white/pink white (optional)

Installation and removal: easy to install and remove, including key extractor.

Space bar size: 6.25 U

Gift: a key shaft and a key extractor (the product is packed in a packaging bag with a cardboard shell)

Package size: 21cm x 21cm x 2cm or 29cm x 13cm x 3cm (approx.)

Total package weight: 350g

Picture Showed

【Pls Note】

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!

Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.


White Blue and Blue White and Blue

Pink White and Pink and White Pink

【Unique Design】

This kind of key cap surface has a very clear layer of solid transparent coating, which makes the backlight of the key cap itself more obvious and clear. The jelly feeling of the key cap is more real after matching with the key shafts of different colors. At the same time, these coatings make up for the durability of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic material key caps.

This kind of key cap is round (not completely round), and all of its keys (including the space bar) are slightly depressed to prevent hand slipping.

This soft and smooth key cap feels like a polished ice sculpture. The coating on the key cap is very transparent, which looks like jelly. After installation, the key cap highlights the small and fresh style and fashionable and lovely style.


The store also sells other height keycaps (KCA, XDA, MDA, Cherry, OEM Profile), keyboard switches (Gateron Switches KS 3, KS 9, KS 8, KS 15, Pro, the new DNDKB JW keyboard switches), PCB keyboard stabilizers, space bar keycaps and other products. You can view the products in the store to learn about relevant product information.

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Explanation of nouns

What is Double color injection process ?

Two color injection molding (2K molding or two shot molding) refers to the process of molding two kinds of plastics (or plastics of two different colors) into one in one injection molding process.

Two color injection molding can integrate multiple functions into one plastic part, such as soft surface, ergonomic design, two-color appearance, brand identity, feature improvement, noise reduction, shock absorption, waterproof and anti-collision, which can save design space and reduce the number of parts. Different plastics are integrated through chemical links, with higher quality and better strength.

Additional information

Material: No selection

ABS Key Caps

Type: No selection

Round Key Caps

Brand Name: No selection


Origin: No selection

Mainland China

Theme: No selection

Jelly Key Caps

Height: No selection

OEM Profile Key Caps

Application: No selection

For Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard

Style: No selection


Unique Design: No selection

Ice Crystal Translucent Key Caps

Features: No selection

Backlit Key Caps

Number of Keys: No selection

117 Key Caps

Process: No selection

Double Color Injection Key Caps

Function: No selection

Gaming / Office / Usually Key Caps

Color: No selection

Blue White Keycaps, White Blue Keycaps, White Keycaps, Pink Keycaps, Pink White Keycaps, Blue Keycaps, White Pink Keycaps

Features 2: No selection

Durable Key Caps

Features 1: No selection

No Fade Key Caps

Features 3: No selection

Character Opacity Key Caps

Color 1: No selection

White Key Caps

Color 2: No selection

White Blue / Bule White / Blue Key Caps

Color 3: No selection

Pink White / Pink / White Pink Key Caps

Application 1: No selection

For Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard

Application 2: No selection

For Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Application 3: No selection

For Universal Mechanical Keyboard

Quantity: No selection

104 pieces / set Key Caps

Compatible 1: No selection

Fit 60/64/68/87/104-key mechanical keyboard

Compatible 2: No selection

Compatible with Cherry ,Gateron,Kailh Box and Galt switches

Language: No selection

English Key Caps

Space Bar Size: No selection

6.25 U Space Bar Key Caps

Gift: No selection

One key shaft and one key puller

10 reviews for Ice Crystal Keycaps

  1. Susann Masson

    lovely keycaps, they feel very smooth to touch and look pretty with the keyboard lights on. the package came with a keycap remover tool and an extra brown switch. super fast delivery, 2 weeks earlier than the estimate

  2. Valtena Amodei

    It’s super cute and nice! It’s so worth it! It took 19 days before it arrived here but it’s so worth it. It looks 100% same as the ad pics. Highly recommended ☺️

  3. Andrea Xiong

    The quality it’s really good and they look just like the pictures, the seller is very kind and listened to my request to change the white keycaps with blue ones. They came way sooner than expected so I’m very happy!!

  4. Germain Beaumont

    Super cute! Fast shipping Came with lots of Keycaps 🙂 fit my 60%, great quality and looks cute with RGB

  5. Emma Carra

    I had originally put another set of keycaps on my Feker JJK 84 but some did not look right due to the size difference between front and back keys where a Del key intended for lower down where the keys are shorter had to go at the back. These Keys along with the alternate keys I needed for the smaller Alt, Fn, and Ctrl keys on the right however fit perfect as all the same size. They feel nice to the touch with the dimpled top. As the printing is on the white part under the clear cover the printing on the keys should be very durable.

  6. Néo Lortie

    Very pretty! Looks exactly like in photo. Feels great to type with and feels like good quality as well. Thank you seller.

  7. Fritz Filippi

    Good price and the keys don’t feel cheap. I would recommend this product

  8. Craig Piro

    I enjoyed it, it makes the keyboard I beauty much more, thank you❤️

  9. Enrique Lutz

    Very nice keycaps. They look really pretty, feel and sound great. They make the RGB of the keyboard look great too and they feel nice when typing.

  10. Diedra Spath

    Looks exactly like in the picture.

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