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Black Grey Keycaps

Black Grey Keycaps


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Black Grey Keycaps 189 Key PBT Double-shot XVX Profile Keycaps Key Cap for MX Switches Womier GK61 Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


★【Make the Keyboard Unique】Two layers of color design, helps to renew your keyboard, a good choice for you to DIY your mechanical keyboard

★【Compatible with Most Mechanical Keyboards】 Coming with a full set of 61 keycaps, and this keycap set works with most 61/87/104 Cherry MX Switches Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Outemu, Kailh and Gateron switches and fit most standard ANSI keyboard.

★【High-quality PBT Material】 keycaps is equipped with high-quality PBT key cap and anti-grease coating, providing you with first-class durability and excellent typing feeling. Zero gloss matte surface will last longer than abs keycaps.

★【Backlit or not backlit Keycaps】Enhances the RGB effect of the keyboard to create a game atmosphere, and the excellent tapping feel makes you immerse yourself in the game

★【Simple Installation】XVX profile ergonomic design height. Designed for backlight / non-backlight mechanical keyboard and Easy to install.


1. This 189/184/187/169keys keycap set is XVX profile

2. The keycap is made of durable PBT material.

3. It can be used for most Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh and all other MX switches keyboard.

4. Pleas notice it is only keycaps, keyboard is not included.


1. If the spacebar is 6u 6.5u 7u instead of 6.25u, it can’t be compatible, such as some HHKB Cosair.

2. Some old Cherry keyboard whose Spacebar Capslock back hole is different is not compatible.

3. Some Costar stabilizer keyboard whose spacebar may be clicky for thick caps. You can adjust the wire or cut the edges of inner spacebar.

Package Includes:

1x 187/169/184/189keycap set.

1x key puller.

Additional information


169 key-Purple grey, 169 key-Blue white, 187 key white blue, 187 key white pink, 187 key white, 189 key-white green, 187 key black, 189 key-grey cyan, 184 key-white purple, 187 key black purple



Brand Name



ANSI Layout, Backlight, PBT Keycaps, double shot

Keyboard Layout

QWERTY (Standard)


Wireless & Wired


High Quality PBT Material

60 reviews for Black Grey Keycaps

  1. Della Drew

    Impressed with the noticeable improvement in sound quality and key travel feel over the stock Keychron V1’s PBT keycap set. It’s missing “⌘” command and “Opt” keys on my original apple-friendly setup, but because of the wonderful array of extra keys in this set, I was able to swap with the arrow keys, which actually look fantastic. The set has F1-F12 keys, but I didn’t use them since they didn’t include media symbols which is fine. In this mod I also added a “Spacebar Sound Inslution Foam” from this site to dampen the spacebar, and combined, the keys type beautifully.

    The colors are also really pleasing to the eye and do not absorb oils from my hands. Fantastic value and highly recommended.

  2. Graham Rankin

    Super! I liked the quality of the plastic, I received what I expected! Along with my mat I think it’s okay

    Delivery to Spain very fast in 2 weeks

  3. Liberatore Accordino

    Quality very good, comfortable, fit for Marvo k901. Part of the keys with the opconal lighter color in stock. Thank you!

  4. Takako Ream

    As a lot of reviews mentioned, some keys are a little scratched, also the typing feels a little dry and abrasive when sliding finger’s across the keys. Otherwise all good and they look awesome

  5. Prudence Rodden

    Beautiful the product, despite not being exactly what I needed.
    The celestial color is very cute and the size of the fuete and the combination of colors are very successful.
    In my case I needed them for split keyboard sofa. So it was key that they be XDA so they all had the same height and no marked inclination to be able to locate them where you need them regardless of row.
    I leave photos with comparisons even ones with an XDA profile that tempted me and really are of very good quality and a very successful aesthetic!
    On the tec side the XVX are those on the right side, on the left are the XDA

  6. Fritz Filippi

    My product came rather quickly to the Netherlands. Packaging looked well until i opened it. Box was dent in a few places, but the keycaps had space to move around so they are fine. Only small inconvenience is that some of the keys have some kind of scratches on them. Sadly i was not able to wash that off.

  7. Jaimee Harter

    I love it! A huge number of keys came, for my 75% there was plenty. The quality is good.

  8. Maximilien Chopin

    fit nicely with RK84. comfortable for typing too which is better than stock keycap

  9. Daanyal Shepard

    Very good quality, only had 2 minor scratches on 2 caps, not a big deal, highly recommend the seller, shipped to Israel in 13 Days.

  10. Micael Montes

    love it arrived in 8 days, is feels high quality for that price but the pack was damaged at least the keycaps where safe, i will add additional feedback after i assemble it with my gmk67 when it arrives.

  11. Gérald Courbet

    Very high quality keys, perfect kit, with several alternative options for, mainly, the function keys, ESC etc. approved 100%! My keyboard is of international standard, which has greatly facilitated the availability of custom keys and the exchange of originals, so just take care of this detail!
    Obs.: The most ‘thoc’ sound of the keys is delicious! Hehehe

  12. Wendelin Jonas

    Outstanding quality! Great material, font, feel and very complete set of key caps. Fits perfect on a keychron v3 ansi. Hope to see some ISO-DE Keycaps from this seller in the future.

  13. Iside Casaletto

    The store is reliable and the products are very beautiful with no defects!

  14. Olevia Lauder

    The shipping is fast and the finish is a little short, but the key cap can be several combinations.

  15. Ellie Julius

    Not bad for the price,
    The disadvantage is that the key arrangement is uneven ~ ~

  16. Mammie Aguiniga

    It’s pretty, it’s not quality as cheap, but it’s good because there’s no problem in use and it doesn’t do well.

  17. Reiko Jeanlouis

    The size configuration is quite diverse and the quality is fine.

  18. Zoraida Swick

    Good quality but the edges are a bit sharp.
    Still feels and looks good when typing

  19. Lorean Soni

    Pretty strange set, there is is iso enter and small shift, but no kaps next to them, so pretty useless for iso keyboard, my set is missing green calculator kap. On the bright side colors and quality is great…

  20. Shanda Gatling

    Good PBT keycaps, fits nicely on Keychron K2.

  21. Marlen Akhmetov

    I had a little problem, but I solved it
    It is a product that is a price-poor product.
    If I have a new keycap, I will buy it again.

  22. Lluciano Marcos

    Amazing, just a reminder they aren’t translucent but still looks good with RGB.

  23. Coleen Dragon

    Package arrived in a simple ziploc bag. Keys look very good. No 1.75u shift, so I had to use another keycap. The double-shot could honestly be a little better. The light doesn’t get thorugh very well in the middle due to the stem, which makes the big letters a bit uniform. Other than that its a good cost/benefit product, not bad at all.

  24. Alfredo Lamanna

    Keycaps are nice and much broader than cherry which makes them more comfortable to write with.
    The seller helped a lot with the order. If you need the 1.75u shift you need to buy the 189 key model.

  25. Moriya Masanobu

    Looks amazing, especially for the price. Fits my RK84 perfectly with non-standard bottom row (1u alt, fn and ctrl)

  26. Gianmaria De Sario

    There are a lot of keys that are biased to one side. I hear this. And I’m worried because I have a lot of height.

  27. Demarcus Mcmullen

    Reasonably priced for great quality keycaps.

    I built custom keyboards for sale as a hobby, and had went through many keycap sets. Some going as much as 5 times the price of this set.

    Let me just say, for the price, its quality is excellent. No issue with warped spacebars, printing issues or rough edges.

    I am so impressed with the quality, I will definetely order again in the future. Great job seller!

  28. Carla Poole

    189 keycaps compatible ISO
    nice profile, nice colors, nice quality, not so thick, some light scrach because come in a blastic bag
    the legend are sharp and centered
    the key are double shoot and look’s make of pbt
    the profile XVX is very interrestig, big surface key like xda, high similar to cherry, curved like mt3
    going from OEM & cherry, I feel I will love this profile, look’s good for gaming and typing
    very underated, best price value

  29. Eleri Barnes

    Great quality, especially for the price. Looks nice on my Keychron Q1

  30. Diedra Spath

    Looks nice, feels nice, and if you are wondering if it has north facing LED interference it doesnt

  31. Cassey Odle

    They arrived without problems, inside their box separated in sachets according to their type, all of the normal keyboard are in one bag, the white and colored keys are in another.
    They enter the switchs a little right, but they fit very well and feel beautiful

  32. Ira Forster

    Very pretty color. Crisp letters with clean design. Sounds good and easy to type on also.

  33. Franchesca Schwebach

    Those keycaps are LARGE and feel really good. Awesome value for money!

  34. Enrique Lutz

    Great quality keycaps! I’m using them on my Keychron K6

  35. Émeric Figuier

    Beautiful keycaps. Decent packaging. Came in 12 days. Thank you seller!

  36. Maariya Kramer

    Very good and a lot of variety in the Keys, it only lacked smaller than those in the first line and that they did not get so much with rorings so much

  37. Chae Jiang

    It does look good but little light shines through the keys compared to oem keys and i had to use number 5 key for key A. It feels good and made my akko silver switches sound amazing.

  38. Starr Lheureux

    the quality is great! i have received the full set of buttons and they fit perfect.
    the buttons have a lower height compared to normal ABS caps

  39. Aliya Fernandez

    Received perfect! Before time! The keys are very cool, perfect in keychron k4, with many more keys in many sizes.

  40. Andrea Xiong

    Fast shipping to the Europe. Very nice colors and consistent font. Font is a little big to my liking. The 189 pink set is missing top row DEL (CAL on the photo) and right SHIFT (CONTROL under ENTER). RK100 on the photo. What a shame! So many pieces but some key keys are missing.

  41. Aamir Boyd

    These keycaps are lovely, they feel so nice and sound great too. I LOVE the XVX profile, I had never tried this before. They feel very smooth and the roundness of the shape is very pleasant to type on. The colours look great. Only small complaint would be that there are a couple of alternative keys that would have been nice to have for a UK keyboard. Like the 3 with a £ sign, and the # key above the enter key.

  42. Vladimiro De Angelo

    Excellent quality by the price

  43. Wendi Raver

    Fantastic! It looks great on my desk

  44. Klemens Totleben

    Great product, let even the most delicious keyboard sound.

  45. Craig Piro

    The price-quality ratio is good.
    I recommend it.

  46. Jannette Wilmes

    Good quality, didn’t find any sharp edges, defects etc.

  47. Joseph Garreau

    keycaps look good, no issues or defects.

  48. Patty Balser

    All right 10/10, I recommend the seller

  49. Durante Sciara

    I want to buy other colors.

  50. Alisa Watts

    I’m in love♡. Very beautiful keycaps.♡

  51. Shante Dezern

    The quality is amazing, has a complete set of keycaps for a keychron K6. I prioritize color schema than a correct layout. the fn1 &fn2 can be easy replaced by the numpads 1&2 (white keycaps). Will appreciate if it include macos layouts or just blank caps

  52. Anacleto Adornetto

    Keycaps with excellent quality, I have a blackwindow and they fit perfectly, and I loved the look.

  53. Antonio Levine

    Came by courier delivery, quality at altitude, when ordering 11.11 save almost half of the order amount

  54. Yuvraj Wolf

    The quality is nice. I did not observe the scratches. Pretty stylish looks with my hexgears gk707. As far as the gap is concerned, it is relatively even, but not perfect.

  55. Winston Hyde

    Really good quality! Even though shipped in a bag, all keys were fine.. I love the shape of the caps, characters/legend. (I’m using them on a cheap K3 board with Keychron/Gateron brown switches)

  56. Debbie Tanner

    A great product came packaged well and a lot of options.

  57. Sigmund Bruckmann

    The keycaps are great. I love their profile. The build quality is excellent.

  58. Verline Cordon

    Great keycaps, you get awesome bang-for-your-buck, as there are a lot of keycaps included for the price. All double-shot PBT as well, with a good texture, and very nice sound, the keyboard
    t h o c k s indeed.
    Very happy with the quality and shipping time. Thankfully the keys did not get very scratched on the way!

  59. Major Woodrum

    This quality is best in this price
    Sound also change the, press comfort is also getting better
    Particularly mind though box the botto saw saw can say otherwise I’m turned vase no

  60. Clarita Pursell

    arrived well on time,
    my first PBT caps (yay).
    at first didn’t seem much different, but when I actually worked on them it’s an experience.
    unfortunately my key board has layout to wich some keys still didn’t match.
    (one shift key had wider stabilizers)
    but looks and feels 10/10

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